Selfie Rainbow World

I'm a little cookie, yes i am and i was made by the cookie man and on my way from the cookie pan. a little piece broke off of me but i can taste just as good && sleeping is my passion but i do not fancy being fat and i'm trying to be like the beauty of flower and perfect girl like my mom, must ✿✿✿

Step 1 ∞

Assalamualaikum. halluuuuuu! hahahaha we are back rn. wehh sumpah rindu blog. hmm rindu nya :( hahaha! lama tak luah perasaan, membebel, merepek dkt sini. seems like aku busy gila sblm ni. and selalu dgn phone je. sian babyboo nia lama tak layan (lappy) hikhik xD les start to the party! puihh~ mak jemah nak start story  mory nie... hahahhaaha boii ><